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Privacy Policy For TecKailash

Hello friends, Our website welcomes your support friends Today I am going to tell you about the privacy policy of our website

If viewers are using our website, then you all need to follow our website’s Privacy Policy, Otherwise I will be forced to block you. 

So all of you carefully read the privacy policy of our website ( carefully.

Google AdSense

Do not click Constantly on any of the Google ads that appear on our website, if you do this, Then you will be blocked from our website. That is, No user will intentionally click on the ad displayed on our website. 

Children’s Policy

Here is This website does not provide any information that is wrong and incorrect. SoSo if you are 13 years of age or older. So you can use this website. But if you have not 13 year old so please do not use this site. Because this site provide Technology, and online information.I know Its not important for childrens.

Terms & Condition

I kindly urge you not to make any unnecessary comments on our website.

Present and share the Links of the website in the right place. 

If you all want to contact us, you can find the information below. 

All Right Reserved

I hope you are using our website in the right way. If anyone affected or any loss due to its use, we will not be responsible for it.