The second time in history Biju Patnaik, The Untold Story upto 2021


The second time in history Biju Patnaik

Biju Patnaik: By pronouncing this name, there is a rush in the minds of every Oriya.  A self-esteem and a fire come to mind automatically.  He really is such a personality.  Oriya is a unique figure in public life.  Oriya is a symbol of dignity and self-respect.

The second time in history Biju Patnaik

The late Biju Patnaik, one of the creators of modern Odisha, was simultaneously the inventor of the mantra of nationalism, the great freedom fighter, the brave brave airman, the visionary, the former Union Minister, the former Chief Minister of Odisha, and so on.  The effective leadership of the proverbial man Bijubabu is unparalleled.

The second time in history Biju Patnaik was also a cultural lover.  The late Patnaik will forever be a symbol of Utkal culture and self-respect.  Devotional tribute to Kadambini on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of this worthy son of Odisha soil.  On this occasion, two homage tributes to the late Biju Patnaik have been posted on this issue.

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