Soam jena (Soumendra jena) Biography and Wikipedia

Today we are going to know about a person who has done something very strange at a very young age. Today, the name of the person we are going to know about is Soumendra Jena (Soam Jena).  Let's know more about them.  We keep telling you about this type of motivational person.  If you like this article, then you must listen to your opinion in our comment box. Whatever I want to write about them, I think this thing will motivate you very much.

Soam jena (Soumendra jena) Biography and Wikipedia

 First of all, his name is Soumendra Jena, he is called Soam Jena in short.  This is the biggest social media influencer of India, all people give them a lot of respect.  This is a very big businessman of Odisha. There is a very fast response in Orissa for them, many people respect them. First of all, I want to say that one thing is a unique person, whatever you say about them will not end. Soumendra Jena's Instagram ID is @soamjena He has more than 48000+ followers on Instagram.  Very close to 50000 on Instagram. 

 He has 4 channels on YouTube.  The first channel is named SOAMJENA with over 1.12+ lakh subscribers there.  This is his first YouTube channel.  And there is another channel ODIA TOKA Mayor also has more than 100,000 subscribers.  Along with it, there are both channels named AweSoam and NOMAD

 To know what their wife name is, what is their father and mother's name, you will have to read to the bottom.  Let's see what you can get information about them.

Soumendra Jena (Soam Jena)

Personal Information

 Right now we are coming with you about Soumendra Jena personal information.

A lot of people want to know about them.  Right now you will get to know a lot information about them, you must keep looking down and continue to block our block.

Soam jena (Soumendra jena) Biography and Wikipedia

  Right now we are going to show you what is the full name of soam, what is the name of his wife, what is the name of his fathers, education studies schools colleges, you will get many such information below.

  Along with that, you will get a lot of information about their social media, with the help of which you can also interact with them.  We have shared their social media account with you, if you look below, you will definitely get to see it.

  What's more their business, you will get a lot of information about which company they are in business.  You will get a lot of knowledge about what his wife does with him and what he does, you guys will definitely go and check.

Personal Info

Stage Name

Soumendra Jena

Real Name

Soumendra Jena

Local Name

Soam Jena


Youtube, Instagram, Twitter star

Birth Date

25th September 



Birth Place



Now, Bhubaneswar



Food Habit



Exploring New Motorcycle, Vlogs Making & Respecting to time



Amrita Das 









Education & Qualification







Social Media Accounts










Jetspot Networks Pvt Ltd

Photozone Productions

QubeSys Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Soam's Car Collection

Right now you will get to know that Soam Jena Bhai's car collection.  You guys are all excited about what their car collection is.  Which car do they have, which they use.

 First of all, let me tell you one thing, General they have 2 carts.  Those two cars are that you people cannot even think.  The first car is BMW.  His model is BMW Z4.

Soam jena (Soumendra jena) Biography and Wikipedia

 He likes it very much, he runs it when he goes to office.  Right now in 2020, they have a new delivery of the same vehicle BMW z4 red color.  They currently bought this red color BMW.  Previously he had the block BMWZ Four.

 The second car they own is an Audi.  You know whether people are Audi or BMW, their price is around 1 crore.  So they have an Audi car of white color, which they drive when they go for picnics or somewhere.  And with that they have a block color Audi which they run at the time when they go to office.

 I currently told you everything about his car in details.


 I just told you everything about my brother.  Everything I knew I have shared with you.  If you know more information about Soam Bhai, then you guys can speak in our comment section.

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