Why not pause in the play store or Why not download more than one app?

Why not pause in the play store or Why not download more than one app?
Why not pause in the play store or Why not download more than one app?


 Hello friends, my name is Kailash Sur and I do a blogging with YouTube and I hope I can answer this question very easily, so let me see what the question is. So friends, I have just got 2 questions, which we will now explain to you with an answer to this question. The 2 questions that have come up now is that the first question is when we download something in the play store, why can't we pause it at the same time. The second question is why we cannot download more than one apps in the Google Play Store. I am going to answer both these questions right now and I will try to convince you very easily, you guys keep reading this post very carefully and in the same way, new coaching goes on for many days. I can turn on the notification by pressing our blog in the notification panel and here you get lots of questions of this type. So let's see what is the answer to these two questions.

Why you can not pause the downloading in the play store?

We will now talk first of all why when we can not pause any application while downloading it in Google Play Store, why is it so? I'm gonna talk about that right now. Google has not yet dispose the main reason for not being able to pause it while downloading in the Google Play Store. But I can say with the claim that Google has kept it intently, Google knows this. Google knows that this feature is needed by people, but still Google has not given this feature. Not giving this means that here you will not be able to pause, other than when your internet goes out or your wifi connect is disconnected, whatever was downloaded at the same time, automatic Ali voting for network is likewise to see an Aaron. Which acts as a pause. If you do not understand this picture of Google very well, then whatever you download in the Google Play Store, whatever applications or games are there, you cannot pause them, whatever your internet goes or your WiFi connect. At the same time, you will get to see an error, waiting for the network, similarly after that, your internet job will be downloaded after all your downloads. You guys can pause while downloading any things in Google Play Store, but Google has not given you control to pause values. This I believe. Google has not officially announced it anywhere and Google has not explained it anywhere. You people can listen to an attempt here. So see when you download something, after that you people pause, whatever is downloaded from the same file will go into your temporary memory, which is an on-use file, which you cannot use. You know that when you download an application and whatever is downloaded from the file, all those files are combined together in your phone or in the system, when your application is half downloaded, the same template file is the same half What will you do with the file? I believe that Google has not given this picture because of its reason.

Why not download more than one app at a time in the play store?

Now we have got a new question as to why we cannot download more than one application or app simultaneously. Why this happens I am going to talk about this topic today. So see, there is only one reason for this. There is no point of downloading multiple applications at once because you all know that there is an Android system, where the Android system extracts and installs the same application once, extracts two or more of you simultaneously. Can not and cannot install more than one apps simultaneously. I answer your question in a very respectful process and explain it to you very easily, if you do not understand, then in the comment box below, you can comment and if you have any question, then you guys You can tell that we will talk about this topic in the next next post.

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