What is the best way to register a domain name in 2020(Full guide for beginners)

 Do you guys want to create a blog?  If yes, a domain name is very important for you to create a block or website.

 Hello guys are you a blogger?  If you are a blogger then you must check this blog post. There we will teach you why a blogger needs a domain name.  If you want to create a website for free, then you can go to our website and see how you can create a blog for free. You can create a website or blog for free very easily. To create the website, you will invest a little and make a hosting purchase, after that you can create the website very easily.  If you do not want to waste anyone in hosting, then you can make a website for free on blogger.com.  I will teach you how to do this through the next blog.

 In today's blog, we are going to tell you how you can register a domain name in 2020.  Today's blog specials will show you how to buy a domain name in the right way in 2020. With that we will tell you why you need a domain name.

 So let's see what comes the answer to this question and how can we explain the answer to this question.  So let's see, don't delay and move towards the topic.  So there is friends in Kailash Sur, I am talking on behalf of a special blogger, we will tell you with a very easy question.

What is Domain Name?

 Now the question comes, what is a domain name?  A domain name is an address through which you can type in your browser and view your website.
 For example, teckailash.xyz

What is the best way to register a domain name in 2020
What is the best way to register a domain name in 2020

I take an example to explain this thing very easily.  So, suppose your website is your house and your home address will be the domain name.

What does internet mean?  Internet means that the connection of many computers is called a network, this is called the Internet.  All these computers have different IP addresses.  The IP address has become the home address of your computer.
 The IP address looks like this:


It is not so easy to understand.  Suppose your domain name is the same IP, then your website can be very easy for you.  Therefore, the website name of the website that is hosted in your computer is very much needed.

How to choose a best domain name?

There are 46,000+ new .com domain registers every day.  Currently 200 million .com Domain has been registered.  So you can see how much domain is needed.

I just tell you why you want a domain name.  If you work on Blogger, you do not have to buy any domain name because there you can get it for free in 1 words like dot blogspot.com. Suppose if you own this blogspot.com  If the website is a job, then if your website hangs, then your website will not be able to control and the traffic will not come as much as it can.  If you guys take a serious blogging career, then you need a domain name.

You can take any domain name.  I request you to register .com / .in Daman name.  Because you will get a lot of top level domains. Pune has a very good dom .com.  So I love you that you should take this domination for your business.

How to buy a Domain name properly?

Right now I am going to tell you how you can buy a domain name in 2020.

First of all, you have to use a company to buy a domain name with which you are going to host and run your website.

 You know that there are many domain name provider companies on the Internet.  Do you know which is better among all these domain name providers?  Let me tell you  I am the best company among all the domain name providers on the Internet.  He is both company
GoDaddy.com or Hostinger.in

Let us know below how you can register domain names with these two companies.

How to register a domain name with GoDaddy

Now we will know how to register a domain name with Godaddy.  To understand that, we are going to give you some footprints.

Step 1 - Go to the website GoDaddy.com > and click on the Sign up button in top right corner .

Step 2 - then after fill the all details and click on the submit button. Then now you are the member of GoDaddy. 

Now you have completed the sign up process of GoDaddy. 

Firstly you have to go to the Godaddy Website and search the Domain name you want to register in the search box .

 If your domain name is available on it then you have to click the Add To Cart button on right side .

Next, Click on the continue to cart button to check out. 

After that you will see more services of Godaddy.  We all have to click above no thanks.

After that a payment option will come in front of you, through which you can buy that land by paying.

Now the payment box has to be felt.  You can register your domain name by adding your debit card or net banking whatever you want there.

 Currently your domain name has been successfully registered.  If you want to know how this domain name can be connected on blogger.com, then you can go to this website.

How to register a Domain name with Hostinger

There is no other way for you to register the domain name on Hostinger. You can register Hostinger Baby in the same way you have registered the domain name in Godaddy.  There is no other way.

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