How to display icon on Google in 2020


How to display icon on Google in 2020

Hello friend's, welcome to our block. Today we are going to go to this blog about a lot of metal tricks. Today we have got a new question, which we are going to answer to you today. This question is how to display icon on google or else wake up all such flows. Today we are going to know how we can make hobbies icon on our home screen. Today, we are going to know the icon which is in our Google account, how can we make it appealing in Google search engine, in the Google home page. So, friends, let's not go late and go straight to the answer.

How to display icon on Google?

The first question we have is that how to display icon on Google? I want to tell you something about this question right now. So friends, we are going to know how to display an icon on Google. If you want to know about this then definitely see this answer.

To explain this question to you, we should try some method through which you can explain very easily.

  1. First of all, you have to open your Gmail account in your Chrome browser. First of all type in the chrome browser, after that a small person in the top right corner will show people, click on it and login to your gmail account.
First to create a Facebook page of Methode. You guys have to create a Facebook page and put your brand name there, upload the profile picture that will be on your page, after that your icon will be shown on Google search engineoogle account

If you want your icon or people to appear on Google search engine, then you have to do two things from my side, after which your people or icon will start looking up the Google search.
At the same time, to get your icon displayed, apply the same things that I have mentioned above, your question will be answered.

To get your icon displayed on Google account, first you have to login to Google account in your browser. You can login by going to website to login.

If you want to know how to login it, I will make a new blog on it soon. Let me write a block on it, if you want, you can login and keep our blog. Our block name is Tec Kailash.

Show icon  on google chrome bookmark

The question that has come up this time is a very easy question. We are going to answer this question for you right now. So see, to answer this question you will have to follow some steps.
  1. First of all, you have to open your Chrome browser. After opening the website will have to be opened. You will have to login to your Google account there. I have told you the same thing above.
  2. Open the website that you want to market in the first place. After opening, in the top right side you will get to see 3 live. By clicking on it, you people go down a little bit, there will be an option of bookmark name, after clicking on it, your bookmark will come in the home page.

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