How free offline games earn money in 2020?


How free offline games earn money?
How free offline games earn money?


I got a question that Kailash bhai, which are free offline games, tell how you make money. It will not be empty developers who have made this game, you have made the game free, you have distributed everything to everyone for free. So our main question is that this is free offline games, the developers who have made it, how do people make money with the help of it. Today we are going to talk about this topic. 

 Friends my name is Kailash Sur today we will talk about a very funny question. I think you guys will like this question very much. What is this question, I have told you all in my above paragraph. To know more about this question to you people, you will have to continue this block to our bottom. So let's go and read what is going to be the question answer, what is going to be the answer to the question, I am going to explain to you guys, let's see. I will try to explain this easily to you guys in this optics, so let's see how it is.

How free offline games earn money?

 Today we will talk about how free offline games earn money from online. So you know that for our Android phone or iPhone which comes for Play Store Under there are many games which we play and why are you very entertained there. Today we will know about it.

 It comes that this is an offline game, these people give this game for free in the Play Store. The developers who have made this game, they do not work in the developer C, which is in-built, this game is made by taking the same meaning that these people can love some money with the help of this game. . If people have developed this game to turn on money, then why do we get this game for free, there is no need to pay any money here, it is all in our play store. Why does this happen? How do these people make money? Today is going to talk about this topic.

 While running free games, the people who run them have two ways to earn money with the help of games.

First: Those people put in art and can make money there.

Second: Those people must have put some premium thing on it, which people can make money by purchasing money transactions, through which those people get some money, that is the only way to income their money.

 So look, our friend is from the game, find that in the play store, the temple has run, that the survey has gone, the game is a game, there is a place to buy gents. As there are no offline games, there is a premium thing that you have to do money transactions. As you know, the survey has been done that the temple has run there, you can also play the game in it and when you get caught two to three times or you fail, in your game, you will be there. You are told to buy life line or James, you can go ahead by skipping it wherever you fail after purchasing this life line or James. At the same time, you can see that every transaction that happens, all the people who translate it, the same money is paid to the cable double boss or those who run this game. And many games are advertised and many games are also not available today. There is no other way for Indrapuri, so you can make money in offline free games.

 I have tried to explain to you very easily how developers make money with the help of offline games. I hope you guys explain it very easily. You people have some questions here soon or you can speak in the comment below with some doubt, I will definitely bring the answer to your question. So let's meet next time.

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