Adsense approval within 24 hours with just 3 steps
Adsense approval within 24 hours with just 3 steps



Adsense is a website or through that we can take money or earn money by working with Google.  All the rich people who work or work with Google, they have paid whatever ads they get, whatever their salary is, they need to have an adsense account to get the same sale, which you will have to login to the adsense website. 

Whatever people who make some money, through Google, how they make money and how they use adsense, I am going to tell you now.

 Those people who work on YouTube or blogging or publish in the Google Play store by developing applications, those type of people who have become YouTube or block the same platform to make money with Google  Done here, by pasting ads, whatever income is there goes to the entire income agent and by linking your bank account to the model of adsense, the salary that is in your bank account, whatever  The income goes to your bank account.

I have told you how to use eight changes.

Why you need to adsense approval?

 I have explained to you what AdSense is, why now comes the options you want.  Why will the options give you approval and what will you do with your posture, I am going to answer so many questions.  So let's go to see if there is any information regarding approval from you.

 So see how it all works.  Two, we'll talk first about why you need Adsense approval first.  When you turn on a website or you are rolling a blog, you can make money by using whatever traffic comes on your side or visitors on your website, whatever visitors come.  I have told you above how to make money with Adsense.  When you get approval of your website in adsense, then your website will see advertisement, which is called website monetization.  When your brother is typed in your website, then whatever traffic will come on your side and whatever emails you send, whatever attachment you have in your website will be seen by those people through whom you will earn.

What is the main reason for adsense approval?

You know that many people keep searching on YouTube or Google for adsense approval.  We will now know how to get adsense approval in 2020.  We will talk now in this topic.  So first of all, know that Google has officially announced that if you want to get adsense approval in 2020, then some steps that you had to follow will have to be followed.  What is this three steps I will tell you below.  I have tried to explain easy steps below to you very well, you guys read carefully and you will understand.

Google has given 3 states to approve Adsense.  Nitin steps have been mentored below and how we will understand this, we have told below that you can go and see.

  1. Placement of 'pub code' under <head>

  2. Make Reachable Content

  3. Follow the police complaint

1. Placement of 'pub code' under <head> tag

This is the step in which you have the publisher code of Adsense, whatever your website is, the same is to be placed under the <head> tag of the bol side.  If you do not know how to do this and how to apply it, then tell me by commenting below, I will bring you a video or article about this.

 So let me tell you in the shortcut how to apply bob code under head and stain.

 If you have created a website through Blogger and if you have created a website in WordPress, then you will follow this step, you can put Bob code on these two sides through this step.

  • First of all you have to open the HTML editor of the website, after that you have to find where the <head> is.

  •  After finding the <head> tag, whatever code AdSense has given, copy it and put it under this tag.  or after that tap on your save button.

2. Make Reachable Content

Right now we know what Reachable Content is.  Reachable Content means that whatever people you write articles or blogs, blogs and articles that people will like.  Once 1 person comes to your block again, your block will not do anything or the same type of contact or article says Reachable Content.  For this, you people can search on YouTube or Google and know how you can write Reachable Content.

3. Follow the police complaint

  • Low Value Content

  • Replicated Content

  • Deactivate Side Navigation

#1. Low value content

 So see whatever articles you write, your website does not run in the same article or contact market and no one searches it, then we speak the same contact or Google speaks low value content.

 So look at the low value content is that whatever you write in your website or your blog or whatever article you write, Jyoti has talked about or kept the same content by many popular websites.  Or there is no one who bears the same contact in the present time, he calls it low value content.

 So see whatever articles you write, your website does not run in the same article or contact market and no one searches it, then we speak the same contact or Google speaks low value content.

 I want to talk to you about this in more details.  See, suppose you write a contact on how to create an account on Blogger.  Many wallets have written about this content, which does not require that you read your article, so this article of this type is called low value content.

#2. Replicated Content

So see, we will know what is Replicated Content.  Replicated Content simply means that a replicated content will be spoken later.  Now we will talk a little bit in cabbage rye.  So see whatever is the content about which many people have written and many people have read it, after that you write articles on the same topic or you write the block, then no one is going to get that article.  That's why Gul himself has told us that we call this type of article that Replicated Content.

 I hope you guys understand this very easily.

#3. Deactivate Side Navigation


 Now we know what Deactivate Side Navigation is.  So see, Deactivate Side Navigation is that you people understand that whatever your template is or whatever your website is, you have not kept the menu bar properly or you have not done the customization from you.

 Whatever you guys use in templates, it has been done well in customization.

 How can you do this, you can read our previous article, we have told you how you can customize the template of your website very well.  You can cough up the navel dialog from the menu bar directly from whatever your template is, after that you will apply for more changes and after that you will get WhatsApp room.

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