How to give order in Flipkart in 2020?
How to give order in Flipkart in 2020?

What's Flipkart ?

You all will know that you go to the market to buy a lot of goods. To go to the market, you have to travel, who does not like traveling, then say what you do, people know. To save themselves time, many people do not like to go to the market for shopping. You know now that the country goes far ahead, while there are many ways to save time. To adopt the same methods, you will have to do online work. By not going to the market for this shopping, you can do shopping sitting at home, you will have to open to do this shopping. Picard is a website through which you can order your own goods sitting at home, which has been used by many people. Fipkad is such a platform, it is an Indian shopping platform, through which you people can buy goods from your own mobile or laptop computer with the help of your people.

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Is The Flipkart secure ?

Yes we can call it Secure because it is a very old and bicycle and with it it is an Indian brand. is a website with the help of which you can ask for a lot of goods in your house and you cannot even call it fraud because there is an engine company. You know together that Modi ji still loves tickets very much. Modi ji has donated many websites and today and it is not a very secure website after putting you. A similar application comes named Flipkart. To download this application you will find it in the Play Store, you will have to open the Play Store first.

To download the Flipkart app, you have to first open your Play Store, after that you will have to search Flipkart in the shot rock. After searching your card, after that you will see an icon written in a yellow color app, whose name is then the card. Now you will have to install this, after installing, you will have to open here, after opening, you will have to enter your mobile number here, after that you will come to fill the OTP, send an OTP to this mobile number here You must have paste this EOTP here, after that your account will be created.

Is the best for shopping ?

You know that the website has become available for many online orders in India. Along with this, flipcards are also very popular and very popular online shopping platform one by one, with the help of which you people can buy a lot of goods in your house. I think this is a very good company because it is a very old and very popular company. It is a very good and very good shopping platform. Yes, if you have any problem to do any shopping, then with the help of this block you will be taught it and after that you will not face any problem. There are many shopping platforms in India like Paytm is there is, there are many platforms with the help of which you can put a lot of goods in your house. Remember the same thing in the platform, with the help of the platform, with which you can ask for it at home. The reason why I love this platform so much is that it also fills every corner of Delhi, so I miss it so you can post to people a very nice platform of Jai.

Today we have to talk about how to use this form, how you can make powder with the help of it. Today we will tell you that with the help of these plots, you can order many things in your house. To know this, you will have to read to the bottom.

How to order in Flipkart in 2020

Creating Account In Flipkart

Flipkart I will follow this tape to create an account for you guys.

To create an account in this website or else you will first have to open their website or you, after that you will ask to enter your number here, in this number box, you will have to enter your number, then an OTP name given below. A button will be given to click on it. After a few seconds you will have a new page open, where you will also have to fill the vomit, in the message of your same number, you will have received a message in which the message will be OTP, turn on the corresponding OTP and do the film here, after that submit button Click on it, after that your name address will be saved. Your successful account has been created here, if you are facing any problem, you can request in our comment box.

Choosing Products

After creating an account, you will have to shorts by typing above the home button, any one product. Here you will find many products Dresses Mobile Point Laptop Wagaira Wagaira. Once you have selected a product, you will have to click on the Arju card country below, after that the cut button will have to be fixed.

Placing Orders

After getting inside the car, a button named Place Order below will have to be topped up, after that your home address will have to be filled up here. After blocking the home address, the minute button will have to play up. After that, how will you have a new inter named payment order. Here you have to pay to order, here you can choose any one payment method. If you want to send money now, first of all, you need a lot of options like Wagaira-Vagaira on UPI Net Banking phone. Or if you want the product to come to you and then send money then you can choose COD cash on delivery. After selecting the payment option, you will get a place order button and you will have to film a captcha code by typing on it. After filming the captcha code, click place and above and after that your order will be successful.

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