How Can I send a comment without any blogger app 2020 in my mobile?


How to send a comment without any blogger app in my mobile?
How to send a comment without any blogger app in my mobile?

What is Blogger ?

How to send a comment without any blogger app in my mobile? To know about this, you have to first know what a blogger is. Blogger is such a thing, with the help of which you can write a lot of articles and make a blog website and you can reach all the people through which a lot of people will get help. is a Google product with the help of which you can create your own website, movies and with it you can also do it here with the help of Adsense.

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 If you want to know how to do evening here and how to create a block a1 or a website, then I have written a lot of articles on it, you can go and see our blogger category by typing on it. 

If you want to know how you can create a free website here on for free or you can make a blog website, then here you can do everything for free and you can also do morning with it. Can be How can you create a website or block for free in I have done a lot of teklec on it. Whenever you do not know it, then I have given the link below, you can go and see it. 

How to use Blogger in mobile?

Now we come to how we can treat or block it on mobile. There are lots of ways for blogger to behave in mobile.

The second way is for the blogger to behave, first of all you have to download an application of Blogger which you have to open your play store or you store to download, then after searching Blogger an application named Blogger will come there. You can use Blogger by installing and login your account here.

What is the first date, you must have a browser to use Blogger, with the help of the same browser, you can search and here you can sing the best of blogger. The best and best use in the browser can be to Blogger because it is a very good platform. Blogger application can behave very well with the best of the blocks in the browser, if you want to know how to treat or use it, then you guys can read my previous book that you can get our account for poor There will be a block option in the option, you can click here.

How to send a comment without any blogger app in my mobile?

Now we are comes our second question or other question is how to send a comment without any blogger app in my mobile? How can we give a comment on Blogger by not using Blogger through our mobile phone.

This is a very small question that we will try well to solve today.

In Blogger, it is very easy for the blogger not to use you by giving a comment through mobile phone, to do this, we will tell you a lot of status or date today, which you people will understand very easily.

How to send a comment without any blogger app ?

Sending comments on Blogger is very easy and sending it on mobile phones is very easy, for this you will have to open a blogger website like you have opened our website.

After opening, you will have to go inside any one article as if you have read our elephant. After going inside the optical, you can get people to see the button of a comment section all the way down there, you can type people things in the comment section or write them, after that what do you want me to do? Tell people

After that you will have to write your Gmail address there or else you will have to leave it by typing in the common. After that you have to type up on the summit button Here you will get a notification that your comment will be posted very soon or it will be published.

Here I have told you that how to send a comment without any blogger app in my mobile, so if you people also had knowledge about auspicious Puppies, then comment something under this blog or else Do whatever you want to do.

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