Top 5 Android Secret Settings at 2020

Top 5 Android Secret Settings at 2020 

Guys, if you see this video till the end, then such a thing can be possible that if a man calls a mobile phone then such a call will come to you.  There is a very secret which a lot of people may or may not have known.  I think you guys will also know, if you know, then tell me by commenting which trick you liked, I also have to know which one you like.  I am going to talk today in some topic how your call forwarding can happen.

Do you know that you can bring a type of band in your mobile screen down bar, which means that a lot of secret can work, which you can switch on the power button on volume screenshot.  You can do it in one click.  It can be just that no application is needed for this.  I am going to tell you about such a trick in today's block.  Keep reading the C block to continue, today we will talk about how a secret trick of this type happens.

Today's C Block is going to be very interesting because I am going to see or teach you in this blog, 5 AC Tips and Trick Tracks. Whatever I say, I am going to teach you.  In this blog, I am going to tell you a lot of amazing Android tips and tricks which is going to happen to you.  If you want to know about tips and tricks, then keep reading this block and keep reading till the end.  You guys are going to get a lot of knowledge here, I have talked a lot about technical things here, which you people may not get a lot of benefit by listening or reading, I think you will continue to read this block.  During this, we will get lots of help.

Hello friends my name is Kailash sur and you are looking at the Tech Kailash website.  So let's see what you are going to learn in this blog.  I think you are not going to get a lot of knowledge in the block, you guys will definitely keep watching this blog and keep it in mind.

  1. Quick Contact Search
  2. WhatsApp Tricks (Status Timer Stop & Status Sharing)
  3. Chrome Lite Mode
  4. Call Forwarding
  5. Accessibility Menu

Trick No. 1 

Quick Contact Search

The truck number one here is very good and you will be very helpful to know the very best and wick useful cricket score.  The first treatment here was the app that was available in your device only after the release of Bhati Like Android smartphone, which some people will know and some people may not know.  But why he was there, no one knew, because what do you do to search any contact?  After going to the dialog, you type your name on the search bar to find your contact.  Or whatever you do, do a short scene.  One is correct to search any name and find its number in your contact list.

 But if I say that even better and better baati is the fastest way to find any number.  To search for the name I saved.  Then see one thing when you open your put on here, you can see that there is an alphabet written under this number.  When you go to us, the number that is here, some alphabets can be seen under this number, such as your old phone, the keypad which is close to them from mobile, the dialog tree is of this type.  So let's say you have to search any sleeping number.  Only when you go to the dialpad, then from here also you will be able to search for the Semari name, by searching your contact number flows easily.  All you have to do here is keep in mind what the name is.  What is the first two three letters of the name?  Suppose Abhishek is to search here.  So I have to boot here A, where A is here I will dial 2.  B where is 2, then 44.  Here you get the search result from wick fire.

 Trick No. 2

WhatsApp Tricks (Status Timer Stop & Status Sharing)

After that the next trick is this is basically a lotta application of Android WhatsApp.  Ok, here is the related on WhatsApp, here I am going to tell you 2 sub tricks.

Sub Trick No 1

WhatsApp Status Timer Stop

The first one of whatsapp is ok, you see the status when you reddit the status here, then there is a time limit at the top which goes by itself and the subsequent status is opened.  If you want this time limit to stop and you can read such starters carefully then look ahead. If you people have to look at a status for a long time, here you can not see it why  Because a time limit runs here, this time limit is over, to stop this time limit, you will have to follow further process.  To stop the time limit of this status, you also have to raise your fingers and place Priyanka on top, due to which this time limit will stop.  If you are watching a video, here you have to press three such fingers together on top of your screen, due to which your video will also stop and your time limit will also stop.

Sub Trick 2

WhatsApp Status Sharing

After that there is a net trick of you and WhatsApp which assume that you post a lot of status and the upper status makes you very happy to see your friend or if you have to send this status to any friend, then further process  Follow  Quickly, you now upload a lot of status, tremendous status, very romantic status.  Your friend gets very happy to see this status and at the same time your friend demands that I give these stars to me, I will apply my status.  Then what you guys do, you have to go to the same contact list and go to the gallery and find this post in the gallery and send it to him.  This is a very body long process, so how can I send you the status of your friend in one click today without any gallery research.  It is very easy to do this thing, here you go directly to your status panel, here you can see 13 dots in the right side, you can forward your friend by selecting whatever status you want to select here.  Ho.  You can see a forward sign here, it does not mean that you can save a lot of time here.

Tricks No. 3

Chrome Lite Mode

After that the trick which is not a trick, you can use it like information, you can use the Internet much faster which is.  For this, the Chrome browser has left you in a very easy way, which you can use and save your internet very much.  There is a secret trick of Chrome browser which is very important to know you guys.  The name of this secretary is light mode.  I liked the Chrome browser's lite mode because it saves the very net.  To turn it on, first you have to open your Chrome browser, after that you will get the option of a setting here by clicking above 3dot, after clicking the same setting, you will see a light mode option.  And you can turn this ladder on now.  It is very useful in this life, you have not turned it on early, you should go on this option as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, I felt very good today because this picture saves me my internet very much.

Trick No. 4

Call Forwarding

After that the trick and treat is very much mind blowing.  You will be very surprised to know him.  This track is very good, I told you in the beginning and here I am going to tell you how to try such a trick.  Shyam Polish brings about how you can forward calls from one smartphone to another.  And to forward the call, you have to adopt the below state and process.

To use this setting here, you have to open your settings first.  When you open your settings here, after that you will have to open your call settings here and after this you will find a section of call forwarding above which you have to clear.  After this, here you will see the option to add a mobile number, here you will have to enter your second mobile number and press the OK button below, after that you can see that your call is from one number to another.  The number has been forwarded.

Trick No. 5

Accessibility Menu

Here it comes with a very nice setting.  This setting comes with all the smartphones I think.  You will have to read this topic to enable this belief setting.  This is the stunt setting we call accessibility.  We call this setting in Tech Mobile or Accessibility menu.  To enable this setting, you will have to open your Settings application.  After opening the settings, here you can search in the search bar that accessibility.  Here you will search job accessibility, after that you will get to see many accessibility options below.  Here you have to click above the accessibility menu.  Turn on the accessibility menu.

Here you will find this setting very helpful because it is an instant setting.  Which you can use with one hand because there are such settings, here are all the goods settings so that there is a power button or a volume button screenshot, it is such that you can control it in one click.

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