Realme 6i vs Resmi note 9

Ok to do today is to make two Comparison inside two popular and Dyssu smartphones.  I'm talking about friends here about redmi note 9 or Realme 6i.  These two phones have just been launched in a few days or these two smartphones are great phones if we look at the price point.  Many of you are wondering if there is a full comparison between these two phones, so Mubaji has brought this up for you.  Let's find out now from this page on which of these two smartphones is better and which is the winner or which smartphone should you buy.  You have to read it to the end to know it.
  Hello guys this is Kailash Sur Welcome to the Tech Kailash blog for Sadbel.  Or you may be wondering if we always compare Display first.  So let's see.

Display Compare

So on the Redmi Note 9 you see the Dosto 6.53 INCH Full HD Plus IPS Display and it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.
Here we are talking about if you see a friendly 6.5 INCH Full HD Plus IPS Display on Realme 6i and it also comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.
So if I talk about the display quality of both these phones, then I personally liked the display quality of both of them in Indore and outdoor condition. I watch some videos here and watch some movies, both of which are color reproduction, The wing angle that I get is also very good.Friends in both of these, you get the friends punch full display which side you get to see.
I find the front wise look wise of these two more stylish.
Friends, I did not get to see so much difference in the display of both, I liked the display of both of them very much But friends here, Realme 6 has a plus point is that Realme 6 comes with friends 90 Hz refresh rate. This means that here you get the support of high refresh rate, Where friends in the foot Redmi Note 9 you get to see the same 60 Hz regular screen refresh rate. Yes Definitely Realme has a very border plus point near this friend.This is friends, I go a little ahead in the case of Realme 6 display, which is a very good display.

Design and Build Quality

Next Design talks about build quality.In both these phones, friends have given you a polycarbonate backI would say friends of both, which is of design build quality is very strong. In both these cases, I loved the Redmi Note 9 in this build design quality. Its friend, who is a camera model, feels a bit stylish, which I liked very much.Its friend, who is a camera model, feels a bit stylish, which I liked very much.
In both, you get a 3.5mm jack earphone jack and both of them have given you triple slots. Other than that, you get both physical scanners But the Redmi Note 9's fingerprint scanner format is seen in the back side In the same foot Realme 6, you get friends side mounted physical fingerprint.Friends, I think Personally I also like it very much. Here the feet are now seen in the physical fingerprint scanner on both sides. And and in Real Redmi Note 9 you get a fingerprint scanner in the back side center.
The same leg is a plus point in the Redmi Note 9 Which comes with Red Blaster in Redmi Note 9 you get support for Blaster Which is very good. It can also be a flashpoint that you get blaster support in Redmi Note 9 and you do not get it here in Realme 6i. 


Next we are going to do the camera post now so let's get started to compare the camera part of redmi note 9 and realme 6i So friends, if we talk about the camera path, here in both of these, now you have a 48 megapixel camera in both the phones Which is found here, which is the evening white ultra camera of both these phones.
Here you get 48 mega picture quad camera in both these phones.  Which is a very nice end and with it you have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera, 2-megapixel depth sensor, and a 2-megapixel macro camera are available.
Here we quickly take a complete and do clothes, in outdoor condition, you get some very detailed information on the phone in real. And with that you also get a very good little Redmi phone if we talk about the call reservation in both those phones which is Redmi Note 9 In it, you feel a little white head makeup, you get to see them very well in the realme 6i. That is why in real time I go ahead a little bit about the camera here. I personally liked it very much.
In addition, if you talk about the portrait shot here, you have education in real. I get a very good potted head with you in redmi too you get a very good photoshot But the Redmi phone gives a slightly pink slide tone that is not accompanied by education in realHere the foot moves a little bit further into the reals.
If you talk in the foot here about the macro shot, very good and fun is best.
Will you talk with Vahi in indoor light condition and low light conditionNow the shots which break the chronicle, which is detailed, are very good with the Redmi Note Nine, which is not near the real me.Here the leg goes a little bit forward Redmi Note 9.
If anyone talks about video recording Here in real near 30 fps i can now record video 1080P and 4K go to the record, Redmi gets the same things about him and does not get 4K support.

Selfie Camera

Here is a 16-megapixel selfie camera with real key and Redmi has a 13-megapixel selfie camera. Which I think Redmi is a bit down in real together.


Here comes the Realme 6 with a powerful gaming chipset. With this Mediatek Halo G90T powerful processor, duty can give very good gaming performance. A dual-grain gaming chipset.
Same foot Redmi Note 9 comes with friends Mediatek Halo G85T processorFriends, this is also a gaming processor in which you will get great gaming performance. abe dual Annam wala gaming chipset
If I have to tell you about these two phones Because I am going to do clothes here, very good gaming and very best processor is available. The show near Realme 6 becomes an education winner in real here. The Mediatek G90T processor that he has is very good in comparison to the high for Mediatek G85T.

Geek Bench

Now I'm going to talk to friends about Geekbench Here the foot Redmi Note 9 has 357 in single-core and 1290 Geekbench in dual core. At the same time, let me talk that in real life, Geekbench gets 513 in single-core and 1673 in dual-core.If I talk that you pair too much gaming, you will have to watch Mediatek G90. Which is a very fast gaming processor.

Ram & Rom

Here if I talk about Ram & Rom You get 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM in both of them. Which is both Ram and Rome Shame here.


Now come about both battery and charger backup Here's what comes with the 4300 mAh battery in real In the end box, everyone gets a 20 watt fast charger which comes with 30 and funnel fast charge support which is very good.
At the same time, let me talk that Redmi comes with 1520 mAh battery And comes with 22.5 watt charger which comes with support of 18 watt fast charger.


Here if we talk about OSU Yes comes education in real with Ii who is in real and is best on Android or 10
If we talk about Redmi, Redmi Note 3 comes with Mui 12, which is the best with Android 10.

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